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Stephen Wilson


The word Liminal means to be at or on both sides of a boundary, it refers to the beginning or start of a process. Liminal spaces are there to be moved through, like train stations and airports, they are not destinations of their own, they're the start of a journey that will take us somewhere else.
The photographs in this Liminal project are of sacred spaces, spaces where a community gathers to embark on a spiritual journey. A journey away from the cold and damp of this reality and towards a world of faith and eternity.
In these spaces we see the imprints and shadows left by the people who are embarking on this journey. As a railway station tells the big story of industrial revolution and man's battle to overcome the elements it also tells thousands of smaller stories of the feet that have worn down the concrete steps of the platform as they go about their daily lives. 
Liminal is a high quality limited edition hard back photo book withe 96 full colour pages. The book is punctuated by a series of short poems by Paul Hutchinson and a reflection by Bryonie Reid. With an introduction by author and philosopher Peter Rollins and a short essay on faith in the presence of absence by David Capener. 

Expected Release Summer 2024
Color Photographs
96 pages total
First Edition of 500
Essays by Peter Rollins, David Capener, and Bryonie Reid
Poems by Paul Hutchinson
ISBN: 979-8-9876258-5-9

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Sayed Asif Mahmud

Bittersweet, A Story of Food and Yemen

Bittersweet, A Story of Food and Yemen is a captivating exploration of Yemen’s rich culinary heritage. Authored by Bangladeshi photographer Sayed Asif Mahmud, with contributions from Marta Colburn and Jessica Olney, this visually stunning book takes the readers on a soulful discovery of how food is intricately woven into the fabric of Yemeni identity, portraying everyday practices, cooking techniques, and livelihoods against the backdrop of Yemen’s unique landscapes, architecture, and heartwarming gatherings.
Through evocative photographs and meticulous research, the book delves into the origins, development, and transformations of Yemeni culinary traditions. It explores the cultural significance of food in Yemen’s history, touching on factors like agriculture, trade, and identity, bringing the unique cuisine of Yemen alive for specialists, food enthusiasts and those wanting to be invited to appreciate the dignity and perseverance of the Yemeni people and support them through a spirit of solidarity and respect.
While acknowledging Yemen’s ongoing humanitarian crisis, the book gives a more hopeful narrative on this extraordinary country, beyond the headlines. It describes one tasty Yemeni dish after another, tempting readers to taste them all. But this is not a cookbook, and it contains no recipes. Rather, food is used as an entry point to learn about the beauty, heroism, and resilience that exist within Yemen, challenging preconceived notions and portraying Yemenis as more than victims of violence and conflict.

From Jessica Olney:
As a conflict researcher, I usually write about the sorrowful aspects of the lives of people affected by war. But wherever there is conflict, people strive to carve out a sense of normalcy and everyday humanity despite the dangers that surround them. The photographs and stories in this book portray the dignity and perseverance of the Yemeni people while uplifting their rich culture and remarkable history. Yemenis deserve the world to glimpse these aspects of their country, for they have much to teach us all. And there is no better way to explore the richness of Yemen than through its culinary traditions - enduring expressions of culture, creativity and love.

“This book is about the tastes and smells, ingredients and dishes, culinary geographies and histories (past, present, future) of the country. Between the lines and the dishes, it is also about the ties that still hold an apparently fractured land together – ties of culinary identity, communal bonds of bread and salt, the unity in diversity that makes for a successful meal, or a successful society. You can say a lot about a place by talking about its food.” - Tim Mackintosh-Smith, Arabist, historian, translator and travel writer.

“The story of what we eat unifies us across time and place and we hope this is what
you’ll find in our homage to Yemen. Resting between Asia and the Arabian Peninsula with East Africa on her shoulder, Yemen’s culinary journey has benefited from being at the crossroads of trade and cultural exchange. With mountains, desert and coastal areas, its unique climate and ecosystems have borne a wide range of crops and ingredients. The combination of this diversity, and its distinct historical engagement over centuries, makes Yemen’s food story unique.” -
Richard Ragan, UN World Food Programme Yemen Representative & Country Director.

Expected May 22nd, 2024
9" x 10.75"
286 Pages
Edition of 2000
Photography by Sayed Asif Mahmud
Text and Research by Marta Colburn and Jessica Olney
Forward by Tim Mackintosh-Smith
ISBN: 979-8987625842

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