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Clay Maxwell Jordan

Perpetual Care

“Perpetual care” refers to a service offered by cemeteries providing long-term upkeep of one’s gravestone and plot. In his new photography monograph, Clay Maxwell Jordan inverts this phrase and applies it ironically to an American society that has failed to protect its citizens. Jordan photographs those on the periphery whose predicament is exacerbated by the dubious philosophies of the “rugged individual” mythos of the Wild West and the "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" mentality popular with certain politicians. Poetic and enigmatic in equal measure, “Perpetual Care” touches on aspects of the religious, existential, and social in modern America.

Expected Release April 30th, 2024
Color Photographs
94 pages
First Edition of 500
ISBN: 979-8-9876258-2-8

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Brittany Lauback

Infinite Bonheur

The work in this book is like that strange moment when you are crying and everything feels off and wrong and all of the sudden you find yourself laughing uncontrollably for no reason. Or when you laugh at inappropriate times like my Auntie and I did at my Grandma Belle’s funeral. We knew it was wrong but any chance at getting it together seemed to make us laugh harder. My photography attempts to mimic that in-between space between laughter and crying or comedy and tragedy. The moment where your body is exhausted by grief and gives way to laughter. I do this by having a wide subject range that is photographed in different kinds of ways. I like to shoot on the street and find subjects. I take my camera everywhere with me so I can photograph friends and family, and I like to set up encounters with strangers. I sometimes shoot a particular theme, like “women who own snakes” or “men who want to meet in hotel rooms”. These varying methods allow my sense of voyeurism, humor, and my fear of death to emerge regardless of the subject matter. You get the same feeling whether its hickeys, holes, Tastykake Cherry Pies or heart-shaped hot tubs, that life is a series of chaotic moments that are inextricably linked by laughter and tears.

The book also features a collaboration with writing by esteemed author of The Regrets Amy Bonnaffons!

Publisher's Note-

Lauback’s “Infinite Bonheur” is a visual romp and emotional roller coaster that will bring the photograph and photo book lover back again and again for new reads and greater discovery. Her fresh wit and acuity of vision strikes a new line for considering what it is for humans to be embodied and trembling from the sheer playful absurdity of our condition - mortality and sexuality with a  wink and a nod.

-William Boling

Expected Spring of 2024
Edition of 500
Essay by Amy Bonnaffons
First Edition

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