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Salon/Soiree and Workshop

Experience a unique workshop and a Salon/Soiree created especially to support the creation of “101 Pennies”. This is an exclusive 3 day Salon/Soiree & Workshop featuring award winning photographers Peter Essick and Alexis Martino, and Fall Line Press Publisher/Founder William Boling set in fabulous Sag Harbor and Shelter Island, New York. Always wanted a weekend in The Hamptons? Here’s your chance to spend it with all around world-class photographers out in the field.

TIER 1: $300

Attend a Salon/Soiree on Friday October 11, 2024 with Alexis Martino, Peter Essick, and William Boling about art, photography, and photo books. The Salon/Soiree is limited to the 6 lucky workshop participants and 6 others who want a chance to be in conversation with Peter Essick, Alexis Martino and William Boling while enjoying cocktails and refreshments.  This gathering will be at Alexis’ wonderful home on Shelter Island, Friday afternoon and evening and will serve as a kickoff to the workshop. Note that this tier includes the Salon/Soiree only. 

TIER 2: $1800

Salon on Friday October 11th, signed copy of 101 Pennies AND a workshop on Days 2 & 3: 

Day 2: Saturday, October 12th, Peter Essick and  Alexis Martino will lead the participants into the field on beautiful Shelter Island from 10am until 5pm. A review and brief critique with refreshments will be held at 6:30pm. 

Day 3: On Sunday, October 13, a 5-hour masterclass will be led by Alexis Martino exploring her dark room techniques and a hands-on process around printing images from the prior day's shoot. The workshop will be limited to around 6 participants and the expectation is that everyone will leave with work that will be printed and\or print-ready and share when the workshop has concluded. William Boling will be available throughout for portfolio reviews and one-on-one discussions about participants' work and what may be available inside of publishing for their  work going forward.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience and rare opportunity to make photographs with award-winning photographers, gain insight into the world of publishing, and have unlimited creative discussions in a serene, picturesque setting.