From the series City Blocks by Cooper Ray


You’re ready to take the plunge and want to integrate NFTs as another distribution method in your practice, but where do you begin? Photographer, cyclist and NFT “translator” Cooper Ray walks us through learning the language of the blockchain.

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Cooper Ray


Cooper Ray soundbite [00:00:01]

Episode overview [00:01:25]

Cooper’s background  [00:02:04]

Moving toward NFTs and digital communities [00:09:39]

The language of NFTs and how to learn it [00:20:47]

Cooper’s journey to NFTs [00:27:22]

Thinking like a creator and a technical developer [00:36:37]

Cycling to cryptos  [00:43:53]

The future of NFTs IRL [00:51:46]

Advice for artists looking to utilize NFTs, building a digital identity & staying safe [00:56:16]

The importance of your own smart contract [01:11:20]

Ethereum vs other blockchain [01:20:00]

- Solana 

- Proof of work vs proof of stake

- EVM 

- Polygon

The environmental concern [01:26:34]

- Energy usage of Ethereum 

Final thoughts [01:31:05]

Sign off [01:39:12]


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