Bliss #16, Alejandro Cartagena


Part two of our conversation with NFT leader Alejandro Cartagena walks us through some of the most historic NFT projects to date from The Book of Veles, Obscura DAO’s The World Today 10K, and Stephen Shore’s first NFT release with Fellowship Trust.

Alejandro Cartagena Part Two


Alejandro Cartagena soundbite [00:00:01]

Episode overview [00:00:51]

Obscura DAO & The World Today Project [00:01:47]

Creating an NFT native project [00:11:41]

Making money as an artist [00:22:43]

Funding & distributing an NFT project [00:26:07]

Expanding photography’s audience - connecting with NFT collectors [00:29:37]

How NFTs fit into The Passion Economy [00:37:05]

The process behind the August Sander mint [00:40:17]

Fellowship Trust background [00:44:41]

A hiccup with the August Sander 10K [00:52:42]

NFTs in a historical context  [00:59:16]

How NFTs can grow - Using The Book of Veles as a case study [1:08:38]

Stephen Shore’s NFT release [1:14:14]

Cartagena’s next moves in his practice  [1:18:39]

Sign off [01:27:28]

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