Resilience, a desire to learn, and a deep love for photo. NFT thought leader and photographer Alejandro Cartagena reveals the secrets behind his success in the NFT community and the future he is helping shape for the photographic medium at large. In part one of our conversation with Cartagena we are given an opportunity to take an in depth look at his beginnings and the initiatives he spearheads in the space.

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Alejandro Cartagena Part One


Alejandro Cartagena soundbite [00:00:01]

Episode overview [00:00:36]

Alejandro’s background [00:01:27]

Making Carpoolers Version One [00:15:00]

Carpoolers Version Two [00:25:52]

Carpoolers Version Three [00:27:11]

Alejandro’s first attempts at dropping Carpoolers & the NFT learning curve  [00:30:59]

The third attempt at dropping Carpoolers [00:44:15]

How Alejandro became a leader in the NFT space & the big picture [00:49:53]

NFTs opportunities to expand photographic arts experimentation [00:55:48] 

Obscura & Lorenzo Meloni: a new way to support artists [1:00:02]

Challenging the traditional art world [01:08:50]

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) & Obscura DAOs initiatives  [01:13:39]

Addressing the criticisms of NFTs [1:25:50]

A preview of part two [01:31:28]

Sign off [01:36:05 ]

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