What happens when an artist collected by SFMOMA, the Getty Museum, and the US Embassy (to name a few) expands from the traditional art world into NFTs? From her first drop with Quantum to the possibilities NFTs have created for her practice, visual artist and filmmaker Klea McKenna guides us through her experiences within the NFT realm.

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Klea McKenna


Klea McKenna soundbite [00:00:01]

Episode overview [00:00:34]

Klea’s background [00:01:29]

The struggles women artists & moms face [00:15:04] 

The road to NFTs [00:21:02]

The First Drop: No Feeling Is Final [00:26:39]

Creating an NFT & working with Quantum [00:31:19]

A new income model for artists [00:35:38]

The first drop resales [00:44:44]

The Second Drop: How Forests Think [00:46:32]

Deciding why a project works as an NFT [00:51:04]

The possibilities of NFTs as a medium [00:53:04]

NFT apprehensions [00:58:44]

NFTs influence of Klea’s practice [01:04:38]

NFT collectors, culture, and community [01:07:35]

Navigating the pushback [01:11:42]

The future of NFTs [01:14:46]

Sign off [01:17:46]

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